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Intuition vs. Perception

As I’m writing to you, I’m in Melbourne, Australia, where the month of May is an Autumn month, rather than a Spring month as we know it in the states. It was initially confusing, I have to admit.

I realized though that my confusion was really based on this perception that I had about May having to be a month of rebirth, when all around me the evidence was just the opposite! It really started me thinking how deceiving our perceptions can be and how different it is when we are tuned in intuitively instead.

If I had been only tuned in intuitively there would have been no confusion at all, as the leaves crunched beneath my feet with every step that I took. The leaves, the temps, the sky, the autumn energy in the air would have been a clear read!

However, with my perceptions added in the mix, I was actually distrusting my senses and I became confused because of it. The name of the month is irrelevant, and as I tune into the obvious and tune out pre-recorded messages, I can enjoy that Autumn in Australia is indeed in full swing!

This is what I realized. You see, our perceptions are based on our past experiences, information passed to us from others experiences, as well as the subsequent actions we have taken due to that info being processed in our lives. All of this info and our interpretation of it can easily taint what we perceive as being real.

Intuition on the other hand, is a pure experience that we can recognize as truth as it has no distortion from a previous experience or its filtering process. Our intuition, and our ability to tap into it, then becomes a powerful advantage in nearly every aspect of life. We can trust the info it sends us and we can take right action accordingly. The real question is, how can we distinguish this info and be more assured that we are taking the clearest action possible?

Intuition is our birthright…we all have it.

Very simply, it’s information that we pick up via our ‘internal antennae’ system….our “sixth sense” so to speak. Unfortunately for most of us however, we have been taught to ignore it and we spend much of our lives trying to discern information that we first filter through other people’s eyes or expectations.

Fortunately though, we can reclaim our intuitive power with just a little direction, our best intentions and our declaration to do so.

Rev. Elaine Thomas and I, have created a simple yet powerful program to guide you in this process. We invite you on a 3 part journey to do just that…to reawaken your intuitive power so that you can utilize it to empower your every action! You are meant to live life as fully, joyfully and powerfully as possible and your time to begin is today!


An Intuitive Circle

Free Session on Tuesday, May 10 at 7:00pmEST

The name has changed, but the intention remains the same. Emerged Enlightened Intuitive Forum is now GuidingLites – An Intuitive Circle.

I’ll still have a very special session every month inviting some exciting and amazing intuitives to join me.

This month’s GuidingLites will be held on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00pm EST and will be FREE to attend.

Register Here

I’ll be joined by Rev. Elaine Thomas as we discuss intuition and give you an exclusive preview of the 3- part workshop teleseminar called “The Look and Feel of Intuition” launching later this month.

The session is free to attend, but you will need to register to receive the call-in information.


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GuidingLites Session

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Make plans to join me on a 5-day, life changing journeyriver of life workshop

down the beautiful Salmon River

A Discovery of Self Love on

The River of Life

August 8-12, 2011

Just a reminder that August will be here before you know it. If you want to to join me on the most spectacular trip…an adventure that will change your life forever…a journey down the Salmon River in Idaho in a floating classroom, please make your reservations early.

That’s right! This raft trip will take us from a starting point in our lives and as we weave our way down the river’s bends, with all of its twists and turns, we will also weave our way through our hearts and souls, learning to love ourselves and to transform that energy into action to create lives that are more fulfilling and in touch with our spirits. When we emerge on the other end, we will have traveled to a deeper place within and become empowered to emerge enlightened and be delivered anew!

Register early for this epic adventure. We want YOU to be there with us. Click here for more information and details about this spectacular opportunity.


My New Radio ShowMastering the Art of Becomingis continuing to rock the airwaves. Check out my special guests for the month of May!

glenn gordanMay 2-8

Glenn Gordon- Love, Laughter & Life and How to Play the Game of Life /strong>

stacie weldonMay 9-15

Stacie Weldon- Dating the Devil But Seeing the LightA Journey of Recovery and a Wedding of Delight

May 15-21

Margaret Stuart – Humpty Dumpty Never Had It So Good!

May 22-28



Want to catch up before the next program? Click here to go to the archived shows.


Repeat multiple times a day

I trust my intuitive self and it trusts me to follow its urging.

My senses speak through my actions and my actions and heart are one.

blog talk radio

CREATE UR INTENTIONS during Manifestation Mondays on Blog Talk Radio Network.

My long standing radio program, ‘Manifestation Monday’s With Marcy’, is 60 minutes dedicated to supporting you to become ‘master manifesters’.

We identify our roadblocks and resistance, how to transform them and raise our ‘attracting factors’ (vibration), so that we can live lives more fulfilled and in tune with our heart’s desires.

“Tune In”, “Call In”, “Tap In” to your natural brilliance! Monday’s 8:00pm EST on Blog Talk


Coming Soon!

“The Look and Feel of Your Intuition” – A 3 Part Workshop

The Look and Feel of IntuitionMarcy Neumann & Rev. Elaine Thomas are currently recording three powerful lessons for this new training workshop.

These lessons are for anyone who wants to learn more about developing intuition and its practical application in everyday life. Perfect for new and seasoned intuitives.

Join me on a free call on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00pm EST where you will hear more details about the program and witness first-hand the power of using your intuition.

Register for the free call today

Happenings with Heartlites

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Marcy Neumann’s winning combination of Conscious Coaching, Law of Attraction Expertise and Dynamic Interpersonal and Executive Leadership Skills results in compelling and motivational seminars and workshops.

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We’re Going to DamanHur!

Nov 6-13, 2011

Marcy Neumann is hosting this spiritual journey of epic proportions. We will journey to DamanHur, in the Northern part of Italy for a week of beauty, growth, and spiritual awakening and renewal. This is the trip of a lifetime! We want YOU to be there with us.

It’s an exciting time. We’re starting to finalize plans and we’re putting together an incredible travel package available only through Heartlites Incorporated and select partners.

Sign up now to receive all the details as they become available.

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