June 2011

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New Beginnings
It’s amazing…here in the U.S., this time of the year is filled with the frenetic energy of new beginnings. We see celebrations of all kinds….Weddings, graduations, end of school year responsibilities and the beginning of vacations and holiday celebrations. In addition, the summer solstice blesses us with its powerful energy and limitless, new possibilities!

The word solstice means, ‘sun-to stand still’. (Wikipedia) In the Southern Hemisphere where I just recently returned from, it marks the beginning of winter, with its longest night and shortest day. However, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the longest day and shortest night and it heralds the first day of summer! WhoooHooo!

This time of celebration was considered by the Druids, to be the wedding of Heaven and Earth. Today, it’s why we see so many weddings, cashing in on the powerful manifestation energy for luck and endless blessings.

During the solstice, the earth’s axial tilt is most directly faced towards the sun. We are dowsed with the sun’s energy and that energy is perfect for manifestation success! The ancients utilized this energy to create a new fullness of life, worldly blessings, happiness, abundance, joy, laughter, and spiritual awareness.

With all of this new energy, the question is, “can we create something new with the old us? If not, what do we do with the old us? What kind of change do we need to create for the old to be released and the new to be ushered in?”

This time of new beginnings, requires that we prepare ourselves by lovingly and willingly give up the old energy that is taking up space within us and no longer serving our highest good. You see, the summer solstice is also about renewal of the self and it calls upon us as a time of purification, release of sadness, disappointments, fears and pain. In other words, release whatever has been holding you back so that the powerful energy being directed from the sun, has a place to land within you, and bring you its many blessings!

The summer solstice energy is also about renewing the bonds of love if you are in a relationship, or to commit to finding true love if you are single. In fact, this is the perfect time to manifest true love and a true relationship if that is in your heart to do so.

This is a wonderful time to incorporate ritual into your life and to exercise the power of your free will to effect change, invite renewal and celebrate your new beginnings and endless possibilities!

  1. Cleanse and purify your self.De-tox, physically, mentally and spiritually. Take a ritual sage bath, actual water bath with white flowers in water or with milk. Meditate to cleanse your mind and strengthen your spirit.
  2. Cleanse your home.De-clutter, ‘spring clean’ if not already done, clean and organize your closets.

    Get rid of any unnecessary belongings or broken items in your possession.

  3. Make a list of the things you want to renew, manifest, enhance or release. Really search out your heart in making this list.
  4. Burn your list at high noon, calling in the energies of the brightest sun, and the universe, to assist you.
  5. Create daily affirmations in alignment with your goals and be sure to read them at least twice a day until they manifest physically.
  6. CELEBRATE!! This is a wonderful time of the year…make sure to get outside everyday, appreciate nature and be grateful for this time of powerful renewal and manifestation. Remember that you are divine and we are all “ONE”!
  7. Live your life to the fullest, exercise your free will and celebrate love every minute of everyday as the gift it truly is and for how it enhances life itself.

Join Our Journey

to Damanhur, Italy

We’re celebrating


in spectacular fashion

Join us on this amazing journey to what many have called the 8th wonder of the world – the Temples of Humankind.

I’m hosting this spiritual journey of epic proportions. We will journey to DamanHur, in the Northern part of Italy for a week of beauty, growth, and spiritual awakening and renewal.

damanhur image

This is the trip of a lifetime! We want YOU to be there with us.

It’s an exciting time. We’re starting to finalize plans and we’re just waiting on a few details to complete travel package!

Sign up now to receive all the details as they become available.


Repeat multiple times a day

I AM “One” with all of the universe and therefore, I have an unlimited well of energy for manifesting all of my hearts desires.

I AM capable of release, renewal and redirecting the energy of my divine being and have been created in its image, ready to love, and be loved fully.


My Radio ShowMastering the Art of Becomingcontinues to rock the airwaves with a diverse group of guests.

We have upcoming special guests Rebecca Ryan and Ronda Rae Franklin scheduled in our June line-up. Be sure to tune in each week for their compelling stories and accomplishments.

If you missed our May lineup, we had some amazing guests with inspiring life stories. You can always listen to their wonderful journeys in our Episode Archives.

Larkin –
To Reframe or Recreate…that is the Question


Download the show replay from here

Interview with Adrianna Larkin

Margaret Stuart -Humpty Dumpty Never Had It So Good!


Download the show replay from here

Interview with Margaret Stuart

stacie weldonStacie Weldon- A Journey of Recovery and a Wedding of Delight

Download the show replay from here

Interview with Stacie Weldon

glenn gordonGlenn Gordon- Love, Laughter & Life and How to Play the Game of Life and Pitch a Winner!

Download the show replay from here

Interview with Glenn Gordon

blog talk radio

CREATE UR INTENTIONS during Manifestation Mondays on Blog Talk Radio Network.

My long standing radio program, ‘Manifestation Monday’s With Marcy’, is 60 minutes dedicated to supporting you to become ‘master manifesters’.

We identify our roadblocks and resistance, how to transform them and raise our ‘attracting factors’ (vibration), so that we can live lives more fulfilled and in tune with our heart’s desires.

“Tune In”, “Call In”, “Tap In” to your natural brilliance! Monday’s 8:00pm EST on Blog Talk Radio.com



CELLpH (Self) Love – The Missing Link to Healing


Change your thoughts…Change yourlife…Change your health!

Offered for the firsttime in Arizona, this breakthrough, medically provenmethod of self-healing will be taught by Reiki Master Trainer and Registered Nurse, Marcy Neumann.

WHEN: July 30th


Wyndham Gardens Hotel,
Prescott AZ

TIME: 8:30AM-Noon


$150 pre-registered/$175 at the door

Enhance your self-healing by learning the specialized form of Reiki created by Marcy. It’s the perfect compliment to the CELLpH (Self) Love program. No experience is necessary but you must attend the CELLpH (Self) Love morning session to be eligible to attend the Reiki training.

TIME: 1:00pm-3:30pm


$100 pre-registered/$125 at the door

Pre-Register at http://www.heartlitesinc.com/workshops

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Marcy Neumann’s winning combination of Conscious Coaching, Law of Attraction Expertise and Dynamic Interpersonal and Executive Leadership Skills results in compelling and motivational seminars and workshops.

For a change of pace from the typical corporate training or workshop, book Marcy today.

Email your speaking request and requirements to info@heartlitesinc.com

What the World

Needs Now

Ronda Rae Franklin, one of the PWRN guests in June will be debuting her new book ‘Broken to Grace’ in the Summer of 2011.

Her novel is a testimony of faith and lack thereof; of the rising and falling of hopes and dreams; of beliefs and disbeliefs; of tremendous heartache and human folly.

She’ll grasp the hearts of even the most hard hearted with her truly inspirational words will grab onto you and change your life in some grand or small fashion.

This is a must-read for the summer. Here website is:


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