August 2011

August, 2011

Our Fantasies…Based on Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever wondered where your fantasies come from?

They are powerful enough to change your whole life!

I once had a client that was obsessed with one of the vampires on a popular TV show. It started out as just a show she looked forward to every week. Then it became a show that she scheduled her entire life around, making sure to always be home when it aired. Then, she began recording it so that she could watch it whenever she wanted, over and over again. Then, she began to dream about him…compare him to all of the other men in her life. Then, she noticed she began to look for him on the streets, in her work, at social events and every life experience became disappointing because of course, he wasn’t there. She couldn’t eat, sleep or function.

Why they are so powerful?

I was happy that she came to see me, and happier that she had recognized that she had a problem that needed some ‘fixing’. As we unraveled her experience, and found the juncture where it became out of control, we were able to determine how and why her fantasy had such a powerful effect on her. The process that delivered the obsession however, was created when she moved from the images that were portrayed on the TV, to the enhancement of those images in her minds eye, making then ‘her own’. In addition, in her minds eye, she became part of them…an active participant in the experience itself. My prescription, and challenge, was to change the details of the movie being played in her mind, which we did and I am happy to report, all is well, with a very happy ending!  The question is…

Are all fantasies bad or ‘double trouble’?

Absolutely not!! In fact, not only do we all fantasize, but our fantasies can and do positively affect our lives! Sometimes they play out on a personal level…we adopt a certain style or interest based upon it. Perhaps we even mold some of our relationships or expressions on them.

We also see fantasies being shared and whole communities being born according to the same images that play in our heads.  Groups and festivals and conferences, gatherings of all kinds have been created based on the shared fantasy that binds its participants. Comic book characters, movie characters, Renaissance or Civil War recreations……there are so many!

In the next few months, I’m heading to two events that are based on mutual fantasy that became one vision, and I’m so excited to share them with you! One, is right here in the U.S., a Mermaid conference!! Yes, I said mermaids…and I can’t wait to see the tails and the costumes and jewelry and the pool party! I’ve been fascinated with mermaids all of my life…their magical qualities, their gentle natures…and yes, when I was a child, those fantasies kept me occupied for hours! Can you imagine what a ‘splash’ this conference is going to make??

When does fantasy become reality?

This November, to celebrate the 11-11-11 energy shift, I’m hosting a trip toDamanhur,Italy! This also, is a magical place, built to recreate the ‘Temples of Mankind’ and create a community based on the advanced culture of the residents of the lost city ofAtlantis.  It started as visions…dreams…the fantasy of just one man, (and we’re going to meet him!), but read what’s happened…..

Fantasy has become a reality! Rather than just a weekend gathering, this is a prime example of a fantasy becoming a reality and having a powerful, impact around the globe. Damanhur has now become the UN model for peace and sustainability projects around the world!  In addition, they have their own government, money, school, university, energy systems, healthcare system, and nearly all are eco-friendly and sustainable! It is another ‘wonder of the world’ and a trip of a lifetime! Check this trip out at:

Going beyond whips and chains…

So getting back to fantasy….they can have an energy that inspires, motivates, creates, enhances and even become reality when fed and fueled and given a life of their own with legs! They can be used to expand our sense of self, sense of community and sense of ‘oneness’ with an open heart and an open mind and the awareness that every fantasy comes from a desire to experience life more fully. So dream on…fantasize away in a healthy way…measure and discern it effects on your life…is it life enhancing?  Is it for your highest good? Then dream away and if your lucky…someone special will share yours too and your world will be a better place!

Do you have a fantasy that you feed and fuel and will make the world a better place too? Please share it with us…who knows what we can create??  Email me at

Make sure to check out my Damanhur trip at  Join us…it is the epic journey of a lifetime!

With heartfelt gratitude and blessings for great joy,


Empower your day with these positive affirmations

to help you focus and become inspired.

Repeat several times throughout the day.

I AM the creator of my reality.  All that I need to succeed

in creating my joy is already within me.

I AM living from the power of my highest self

and dedicate all that I create to serve it.

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Travel with Marcy
to Damanhur, Italy!

There are these incredible moments in time when it seems as if the entire universe lays itself at your feet and is at your disposal. All the planets are aligned, all the information you need is right there, and you effortlessly glide into another dimension of understanding, expansion, and awareness. November 2011 is exactly one of those times.

There are sacred places on this earth where your spirit can connect to the earth energy and be renewed and replenished, where the spiritual centers in the body are encouraged to open themselves to new knowledge and information.  Damanhur, Italy is exactly one of those places.

Located in northern Italy, Damanhur is a magical place, built to nurture and nourish your spirit, support your body with organic food and wine, cleanse your lungs with its mountain air, and treat your senses to the artistic creations of the resident artists (including orchestral concerts comprising of plants and humans).  Be filled with awe and wonder as you tour the re-created ‘Temples of Humankind’, based upon the descriptions of the Atlantean chronicles.  Walk the sacred forests and hear the plants sing.  Visit the tree village, the healing clinic, the university, the scientific labs… need I go on???

Damanhur, which means “City of Light”, is a Utopian, Sustainable, Eco Society dedicated to world peace and following the code of “Oneness”.  It is truly a ‘City of Light’ that has been created to inspire your own ‘enlightenment’, nourish and renew your spirit and create the foundation for exploring the re-dedication of your body, mind and spirit to the ‘oneness’ we all seek.

What happens when the right time and the right place converge?


In November 2011, Marcy Neumann and her traveling classroom will journey with a small group of spiritual seekers to Damanhur, Italy.  She will be in the exact right place, at the exact right time.  You have the opportunity to join her.

This “Epic Spiritual Journey” of renewal, leaves from JFK in NY on November 5, 2011 and returns on November 15, 2011. We will be celebrating the 11/11/11 consciousness shift while we are there and are looking for you to be there too. Step up to the plate… count yourself in… and let us count you in too! Reserve your space today!

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Join Marcy, on September 11, 2011, at the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, in Lilydale, NY, as she teaches you to ‘harmonize’ your intentions and utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest and to sustain! The Law of Attraction promises us that as we love ourselves, we fuel our Spirit with more love, and engage the principles to attract to us only those things of the same vibration.

Learn to harness this unlimited energy to manifest your highest good.

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