April 2011


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April Showers –
What will they bring for you?

mountain streamHello Friends –
Spring is in the air and April is the month that certainly ushers it all in!

The rains come, the snows melt, the rivers, lakes and streams rise. Filling to overflowing with…momentum!!! Its currents begin to carry away the debris accumulated in the corners of the earth, and in the corners of our minds.

We see evidence of rebirth all around us. The blooming of the flowers and trees, and the manifested percolations, of our inner wintry thoughts. Life blooms, light blooms, love blooms!

It is the water that is essential to life, that births these blooms and so, as Spring is sprung all around us, let us remember to pay homage to the midwife of this birthing…the deliverance of this new life…our water, the giver of all of life.

The recent Tsunami in Japan brought tragedy to many lives, and we who have witnessed these tragedies, have shared their fear, perhaps their anger, and undoubtedly, their confusion. It’s shocking to our psyches and hearts that this ‘giver of life’ can also be the force which then snuffs it out as well.

We want the ‘powers that be’ in the water, to only give and give and give. But that is not nature’s way. Nature’s way is built on the universal laws of partnership, the principles of giving and receiving, which brings balance.

Am I implying that those lost were a sacrificial offering? No, I am not. But what we do know is that this Mother Earth of ours is indeed, in charge. No doubt about it and it is a partnership, demanding indeed, that we honor, protect, respect and hold in awe its powers and potential to both give and take life.

It’s this giving and taking that in actuality is just the transformation of renewable energy. In truth, every aspect of it is really just energy redesigning itself to sustain one form of life or another, and it does so without judgment or hierarchy.

So how do we do this? How can we remember that…Read the entire article or view the pdf file

Happy Happy Spring!

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Join me for a 5-day, life changing journey
down the
Salmon River

A Discovery of Self Love on

The River of Life

August 8-12, 2011

river of life workshopI want to invite you all to join me on the most spectacular trip…an adventure that will change your life forever…a journey down the Salmon River in Idaho in a floating classroom!

That’s right! This raft trip will take us from a starting point in our lives and as we weave our way down the river’s bends, with all of its twists and turns, we will also weave our way through our hearts and souls, learning to love ourselves and to transform that energy into action to create lives that are more fulfilling and in touch with our spirits.

When we emerge on the other end, we will have traveled to a deeper place within and become empowered to emerge enlightened and be delivered anew!

Register early for this epic adventure. We want YOU to be there with us. Click here for more information and details about this spectacular opportunity.


My New Radio ShowMastering the Art of Becomingis continuing to rock the airwaves. Check out my special guests for the month of April!

nan akashaApril 4-8, 2011

Nan Akasha – From Devastation to Dynamo: One Woman’s Journey of Discovery and Destiny thru Divine Intervention


joe nunziataApril 11-15

Joe Nunziata – Beer, Broken, Bankruptcy,Biggest Breakthrough!


christine laureanoApril 18-22

Christine Laureano – How Can You follow Your Path if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?


shanda sumpterApril 25-29

Shanda Sumpter – Gumption and Guts Galore…This Gal

Gets the Goods!


Want to catch up before the next program? Click here to go to the archived shows.


Repeat multiple times a day

I AM the product of the river of life flowing through me.

I AM grateful for its every twist and turn and how I am safely delivered and transformed when I surrender to its flow.

blog talk radio

CREATE UR INTENTIONS during Manifestation Mondays on Blog Talk Radio Network.

My long standing radio program, ‘Manifestation Monday’s With Marcy’, is 60 minutes dedicated to supporting you to become ‘master manifesters’.

We identify our roadblocks and resistance, how to transform them and raise our ‘attracting factors’ (vibration), so that we can live lives more fulfilled and in tune with our heart’s desires.

“Tune In”, “Call In”, “Tap In” to your natural brilliance! Monday’s 8:00pm EST on Blog Talk Radio.com




“The Look and Feel of Your Intuition” – A 3 Part Workshop

Marcy Neumann & Rev. Elaine Thomas are currently recording three powerful lessons for this new training workshop.

These lessons are for anyone who wants to learn more about developing intuition and its practical application in everyday life. Perfect for new and seasoned intuitives. Watch your email!


Nan Akasha

Get a FREE Preview of the Class


Presented by Joe Nunziata

In NYC on April 21, 2011



with Christine Laureno

Purposeful Mindset for Success –

Click here to register


Shanda Sumpter



Nov 6-13, 2011

Marcy Neumann is hosting this spiritual journey of epic proportions. We will journey to DamanHur, in the Northern part of Italy for a week of beauty, growth, and spiritual awakening and renewal. This is the trip of a lifetime! We want YOU to be there with us.

Sign up now to receive all the details as they become available.

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