July 2011

July, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

Turning your “Am Not’ into ‘I Am’ 

Nearly upon the 4th of July, our country’s celebration of independence, I began to wonder about the difference between the meaning of independence and freedom, as we often hear the two words used interchangeably. However, I noticed that as I thought about each word I could recognize a distinct difference in how I felt as I pondered them. I immediately went to my Webster’s to see if it could help me to understand the difference and whether or not it was important enough to explore. My gut told me yes…read on and let yours decide for you.

As I explored the word independence it was interesting to note that the word independence, which would indicate a sense of freedom, was very poorly defined. In fact, rather than an explanation of what independence is, instead there was a long list of nothing other than what it isn’t! “Not governed, not dependent, not reliant, not controlled, not affiliated”, were a few of its claims. It would seem to me, that a word that was meant to infer such a positive action would be based on a positive source, or energy flow, with a ‘this is…’. How then could it only be defined in terms of ‘nots‘?  I realized that I may be on to something… something wasn’t making sense and I was feeling uncomfortable. In fact, I was feeling a bit unrooted and could even sense a bit of a struggle associated with it.

I needed to further explore what my gut was saying to me, so I looked up the word freedom.  Interestingly enough, the definition started  in very much the same way….a long list of ‘nots’! However, mid way into its explanations, were new phrases like, “liberty from slavery, release of burdens, exemptions from unpleasant conditions” and “capacity to exercise choice”.  I noticed also that, as I read on I was breathing easier, I was more relaxed and feeling free.  It was then that I realized the difference between the words and why they are not interchangeable at all.

It seems that being independent is a process; more of a verb than a noun, I think. It comes from a long list of ‘nots’ being shed and is something bestowed upon us, by another power relinquishing its hold upon us. In addition there is no definitive direction or any specific recipe to becoming independent.  Without a firm definition, it can be challenging to create!

Being free and having freedom, however, is affirmative and exercises a choice, but also describes an innate quality, which means that we don’t have to do anything but just be what we already are. I was starting to feel lighter already! We are born free and are free to exercise choices that express what is already within us. I realized that the sense of recognition of it was a feeling that I recognized and could recreate immediately! There it was again… I could close my eyes and capture the feeling. In fact, all I had to do was conjure up a feeling of joy and there it was… freedom flushing all the way through me… synonymous with joy! It is those two words that can be used interchangeably, because they are words that both express the same feeling, and what we now recognize as the same vibrational energy.

Joy = Freedom! Freedom = Joy! One, and the same energy, and it’s already within us.

As I allowed myself to be filled with the recognition and the feeling of this  freedom, I could hear the liberty bells ringing in my mind and my heart was filled with joy. Could it be that independence can only exist if joy and freedom are present to birth it’s process?

This 4th of July, holds a special message of joy and freedom for everyone of us as we allow our awareness to release all of our “am nots” and struggles of independence and transform their energy into powerful,  “I AM’s”! Experience once again the joyful reunion of our ‘oneness’ with all that is and allow our true nature of being free to govern our choices and allow joy to reign.

Happy 4th of July. Have a wonderful month feeling freedom and joy, and creating independence from anything that once had power over you!

With heartfelt gratitude and blessings for great joy,


Empower your day with these positive affirmations

to help you focus and become inspired.

Repeat several times throughout the day.

I AM the joy and freedom that rings true

in every bell of liberty!

I AM powerful and free in the energy of joy

that already exists within me!

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