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I’ve always loved puzzles, and as an ‘aware’ adult, I especially love the complexity of an unraveling epiphany.  It appears as one thing and then quickly reveals its inner beauty as each petal unfolds like a flower unfurling its bloom. I’m not sure where or when this one in particular began to develop.  My mind is so blown by the events of the past few days that my 20/20 hindsight is still a bit cloudy.  What I do know, is this:

Friday, June 4th, 2010, I had been practicing my SKYPE prowess in anticipation for an upcoming radio program later that day with a program from Norway.  I had been very excited and was anticipating a great show. Trude and Rolf, hosts of ‘Fantastic Lives, Love Your Life’, were dynamic and when we chatted in preparation for the program, I experienced such a wonderful connection to them.  In fact, I was even a bit forward by suggesting some future collaborative programming.  This was quite out of character for me as we had barely met and even our radio show compatibility was yet to be revealed.

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