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Health & Well-Being Go Hand in Hand – Join the Intuitive Forum

Health, Wellness, Spirtuality, Marcy Neumann, Heartlites, Intuitive, EventsHi all!  I’ve been on a blog hiatus for a few months, but now I’m refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to spread amazing affirmations of life, love, and spirit.

Health & Well-Being go hand in hand.  One is part of the other. When you feel good physically, mentally & spiritually, your overall Well-Being is one of calm, peace, and satisfaction.

What better way to end the year than with an engaging event on how to achieve better Health and Well-Being.  This special Intuitive Forum, held on December 8th, 2010 will provide you with the tools to empower you to become the healthiest, happiest you in 2011.

I’ve invited a few expert panelists to join me and we’ll be answering all your questions. Registration is required to attend. 

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I’ve got more Intutive Forums planned for 2011 and I’ll post them here on my blog, so keep checking back with me.

With heartfelt gratitude, I leave you with this quote from Gandhi.

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. “

Marcy Neumann

Join Us for the Intuitive Forum on December 8th

Creating The Trust Necessary To Manifest Our Dreams

Every Monday night I host a program on BlogTalkRadio called Manifestation Mondays: Create UR Intentions.  On a weekly basis, I highlight some facet of the manifestation process in order to help people employ it in a conscious manner, creating a more fulfilling and a true expression of their heart’s desire. This past week was a challenging one for me, as I watched some of what I thought was part of a big manifestation project slip away and I found myself experiencing some of the same disappointments that my clients often express. It made me stand back a moment and take note of where I was…why… and ask myself the very same question I had been asking my clients: “What do you think is the most difficult part of the manifestation process to maintain?”

The major consensus seems to be the ‘Believe’ state, and I must admit that I concur, although I know that they each are dependent on the other.  Is it the same for you?  Are you frustrated or challenged with limiting thoughts or beliefs that are getting in the way of your happiness? Do your dreams seem to get stuck just out of your reach and you find your ‘vision’ suddenly getting cloudy?  I realized that I needed to do some deep soul searching to find out why this happens and what can we do about it.

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Meditation 101

The benefits of meditation have long been recognized by both the religious and metaphysical sects of the world as a life-enhancing process that enables an alignment of the body/mind/spirit phenomenon.  These many benefits include, but are not limited to: physical, mental and spiritual health, with most of the emphasis being on the mental and spiritual health affects as more long standing.  Fortunately for us, medical science is starting to catch up and is finally also giving their ‘seal of approval’ while also acknowledging the potential physical health benefits as well.

So with world authorities in agreement, why does meditation still appear to be so elusive to our daily regimes? Knowing that such a simple process can have such positive effects, why aren’t more of us engaging in this practice?  Perhaps one of the answers is that we are so unaccustomed to helping ourselves, often abdicating our health and well being to others who we deem more knowledgeable, skilled, gifted or deserving.  However, I think that one of the reasons it has not yet become a daily staple for us all is that there is a misunderstanding about what meditation is and how it can be done!

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