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Breast Health Initiative: A New Way to Ensure Wellness

You’ve all seem them, those innocent pink ribbons…in fact, these days they seem to be everywhere don’t they?  Yes, that’s because connected to them is a strangulating health crisis affecting almost every woman, man and child in this world. Unfortunately, so is a very large business that has been born in its wake!  So, let me ask you, have you ever noticed your reaction to them? What comes to your heart and mind when you see one?  Is it a warm and fuzzy glow, feeling of optimism or of personal empowerment?  Or, instead is it perhaps a feeling of fear, sadness and disempowerment?

If you’re like most, the latter is the norm and its effects have been devastating around the globe! Any energy of that caliber or frequency, on my CELLpH LOVE emotional pH scale, is that of sheer self destruction.  Energies of fear and disempowerment are dense, acidic energies that create chemical stress reactions within us on a deep cellular level.  What we know about stress is that it is a component in each and every disease and illness process. In fact, scientific statistics tell us that “stress kills”.

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