Creating The Trust Necessary To Manifest Our Dreams

Every Monday night I host a program on BlogTalkRadio called Manifestation Mondays: Create UR Intentions.  On a weekly basis, I highlight some facet of the manifestation process in order to help people employ it in a conscious manner, creating a more fulfilling and a true expression of their heart’s desire. This past week was a challenging one for me, as I watched some of what I thought was part of a big manifestation project slip away and I found myself experiencing some of the same disappointments that my clients often express. It made me stand back a moment and take note of where I was…why… and ask myself the very same question I had been asking my clients: “What do you think is the most difficult part of the manifestation process to maintain?”

The major consensus seems to be the ‘Believe’ state, and I must admit that I concur, although I know that they each are dependent on the other.  Is it the same for you?  Are you frustrated or challenged with limiting thoughts or beliefs that are getting in the way of your happiness? Do your dreams seem to get stuck just out of your reach and you find your ‘vision’ suddenly getting cloudy?  I realized that I needed to do some deep soul searching to find out why this happens and what can we do about it.

I’m a natural ‘dissector’. I want to know ‘why’ whenever possible and when I have the opportunity to figure a puzzle out, I love it!  So, this week, I found myself debating this very issue in my daily morning meditation. “What is the intrinsic element of disbelief,” I asked myself.  What came forward in my mind was the word….distrust.  I realized then, that if we want to reverse the affects of distrust so we can ‘believe’, we then have to create more of its counter energy, TRUST!  I realize to some, that is actually a ‘dirty word’! But please indulge me for a moment in a little game of ‘what ifs and how can we’?

The questions are real. What if we can create more trust and foster our belief enough to manifest what is truly in our heart?  How can we go about doing that and will it hurt as much as we think it will?  What about all the times we’ve been disappointed or rejected or overlooked or not even seen at all??? What should we do…simply just tell ourselves to not feel those emotions anymore?  Unfortunately, it really just doesn’t work like that.  It may sound good in theory and even seem like the logical conclusion, but truly, it just won’t work.

As an energy healer, I know that a transmutation must take place.  In other words, in order for energy to become something other than what it is, it must change its configuration, or a new energy must be created to take its place. In this particular instance, I believe that a combination is in order.  Somehow, we have to replace distrust with trust, disbelief with belief and then fuel it enough, feed it enough to create a clear, detailed, magical vision of our hearts desire that is strong enough to spur our actions into alignment with making it all come together!  No small feat, no matter what it is, but did you ever notice that some things seem to have a mind of their own?

So how do we go about creating and transmuting and whatever else is needed? The first step is to begin again…to ask, “What am I missing that would make me feel like I cannot believe?” and then to question “What can I believe in?”  Consider creating a daily spiritual practice. I know that in order to believe in something else, I have to first believe in myself and then I have to make sure that whatever I am connecting to on the inside is believable. If you look around your life, what can you connect with that reinforces the fact that you are loved and cared for? What cares for you (and me) is a life force energy of love that just so happens to be the very essence of our being. In fact, it is always seeking out ways to show and create an even deeper connection. What can do that for us? This is your responsibility to find out.  How and when do you feel connected to your inner self and to a greater force?  For some (myself included), it happens when we take time to experience nature.

I live near the beach so I try to begin my day at the waters edge whenever I am able.  I ritualistically connect my feet in the sand, my hands in the water and my heart with the sun (even on cloudy days). Because I do this quite often, the moment I make my way to my spot, I can feel the urge to connect come forward, enabling me to take a deep sigh of relief which triggers a softness to set in.  The words I speak out to the universe are of love, gratitude and dedication.  Amazingly, I immediately experience the very  same feeling I have so many times before. I feel stronger and supported and lifted. I have to say, it wasn’t always that way, but because I ‘exercise those muscles’ as often as possible, they know just what to do and how to act and react accordingly.  What I also noticed is that as I reinforce this belief and connection with this life force energy (L.F.E), I am able to connect to others, plant or animal, and extend my heart in service in a far greater way than ever before.  I also noticed that I can actually feel more trusting of myself and I believe that my spirit feels the same way…that it can trust me and I can better trust it. I have become much more cognizant of true partnership as well and how I can be more trusting of it when I trust myself.

Each time we choose to create a stronger connection to this L.F.E., we increase our ability to love both ourselves and each other and then we are able to be there in ways we haven’t yet experienced.  In reality, our awareness expands and we experience a greater sense of self which perhaps also fosters our ability to trust in ourselves and others. Can you imagine all this happening due to a little meditation or reading or listening to music or a walk – focusing solely on something that uplifts our spirit?

In addition, from this ‘higher view’, I have also found that I can release some judgment of others, take much less ‘personally’, I can be more compassionate, loving, kinder and inclusive…….trusting enough to let others in and to let some of my precious self out.  In fact, I guess eventually, you could actually “let it all hang out!”…that is of course if you can trust what’s in there to be let it out!  I think that is probably the point.  So I ask you….can you???

What about all of the mistakes, the rejection, the pain and exclusion??  This is where the power of my personal mantra comes into play. That was then and this is now”. I want you to know that you’re safe now, look at everything you know now that you didn’t know then…look at how different you are and how life really is and well….. take a look at everything!  When you take the walls down of distrust you not only let love in – you also let love out.  Remember all that love you were yearning to share with someone?  You’ll find that not only is it right here waiting for you, but that you can create more and more of it as you go because it is already inside and it comes from an endless sea.  In fact, as you get more and more accustomed to the idea that something can be different, you’ll be more and more trusting and trustworthy of your spirit as it won’t need to wonder, “When are you going to wall me up again and cramp my style?”

Seeing yourself as valuable, lovable (yes, you are filled with love!), worthy of life and yes, even trustworthy, you will be in perfect partnership with this big ‘ole universe. The result is that you will finally set yourself free, enabling your heart’s desires to take flight. If you give this L.F.E. a chance, you’ll even have some fun and yes….experience love as never before.  I’m ready to trust…how about you?  Do you believe???????????

You can listen to the archived segment of my BlogTalkRadio show focusing on this topic beginning 7/12/2010. Enjoy it and join me in this quest to believe and experience all that follows, all that life has just waiting for us!  Thank you, I can’t wait to feel the ripples of your discoveries!

With heartfelt gratitude,



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One response to “Creating The Trust Necessary To Manifest Our Dreams

  1. Dear Marcy.

    What an amazing and insightful article. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge with all of us and for being a true provider of spiritual insight.

    It is always a blessing to hear from you and we are so blessed to have had you as a guest on our radio show.

    Many blessings from your friends Trude & Rolf in Oslo Norway

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