A Practical Guide To The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction made international news with the release of the book and DVD, The Secret, along with the offerings of numerous other authors and motivational speakers. Although these concepts appear to be a new phenomenon, they are in fact, ancient teachings and have been utilized for centuries.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law

What this means is that it holds true under every circumstance or situation! Similar to the Law of Gravity, it is a law based on understanding how energy shifts, moves and responds under certain conditions. What is important to grasp, is that because it always holds true, we can trust it to work for us whenever we need it regardless of the situation. This is a powerful force to have behind us, and as we understand its simple concepts, we become empowered to change and create life to serve and support our happiness and fulfillment! Doesn’t that sound like something that you would like to learn more about?

The Law of Attraction is based on two simple to understand and utilized principles.


Remember, we are all made up of energy. Every part of us has an energetic component that is subject to this Law of Attraction. Simply stated, every particle of energy really likes itself and seeks to recognize itself in the energy around it. When it does, it wants to be surrounded by more energy that is like itself. That way, it constantly feeds and nourishes itself, maintaining its life force energy. Envision a childhood playground where the children are split into 2 groups. In one group, the children play together nicely while in the other group, bullies are rampant. These two groups remain separate because they like the way they are and only want to play with children who are most similar to them. Very rarely do they, or can they, play together. Understanding this principle is essential as we seek to make this dynamic work to our advantage and consequently become empowered by the endless possibilities. Therefore, the fastest and most efficient way to utilize this principle is to energetically connect with the object of your desires by creating more of it within you.


You can see through the example above how easily the size of these groups could potentially expand as they attract more and more like-minded children. You can also see how one group could easily become more powerful than the other if there are more children of one type or another on the playground at the same time. This is why your intent is always important to clarify. Remember, these principles work under every condition!! So, this principle works whether your focus is on what you want or what you don’t want! Be forever mindful of the directions of your thoughts. Determine what you want to see more of and then focus as many of your thoughts in that direction as possible.

So let’s move outside of the childhood playground, and move into our adult playground of our business world. Can you see the possibilities that lie before you when you use these principles to your fullest ability? By now, your mind is probably whirling with thoughts and ideas, and you can implement these principles for every one of them.


NOW…For The How To!


As you look below, you’ll see that I have listed the 5 Steps of Manifestation. These are the actual “how to” tools that will help you to make all of your dreams come true. These steps are like a roadmap to assist you getting from point A to point Z in lightning speed when you also incorporate what you have now learned. These are powerful tools for creation, so utilize them to create the life of your dreams. We are all powerful creators. We have been given this gift of understanding that empowers us to live in the flow of abundance, prosperity, happiness and health. Celebrate this enormous wealth of knowledge in your every thought and deed…and enjoy life to the fullest. Here’s how:

1.) ASK
Ask clearly for what you want. What this means is that the more you know what you want, the easier it is for the universe to answer your request. This is a real relationship building exercise. It requires you to be specific and to ask in detail for what you want. This sometimes requires some real soul searching. What do you really want? Take the time needed to really work through this process. You must be very clear!

Believe that it can and will be yours. Believing that you are deserving or worthy or capable of having what you have asked for is paramount to this process. If you need help here, simply start a “what if” game with yourself. What if this could be mine? What would it feel like? What would I do with it? How would it change my life and the lives of those around me for the better? Keep infusing the answers to these questions into your consciousness and support your believing process.

Use your imagination to visualize yourself complete. Here, you are implanting the image of your success firmly into your sub and conscious mind. There is scientific evidence that suggests that the brain only remembers what it sees. Visualize in complete detail. Make a game out of adding as much detail as possible. Again, how does it feel when you see your goal in complete detail? Anchor that feeling with your visualization.

4.) ACT
Create new belief systems to support your goals. Make the choices of your actions to be in alignment with your goal. Always ask yourself the question; does this action, thought or belief support my goal? Create any changes that need to take place.

Get ready to enjoy all that you have requested! When you realize that you have accomplished your goals through your own direct intervention, you will be empowered for life. Say a big thank you and Enjoy!


Let’s say, you want to attract more money into your life — then give thanks for all of the wonderful things that the money will do.  Be clear about what you are asking for! Begin by asking yourself questions about your own feelings towards money. There is money being received by millions of people every single day in the most interesting ways. Often, it comes in forms that we never imagined that it would! Have fun and ask the universe to surprise you!

Do you believe that this could happen to you? Has it ever happened to you before? Have you ever been surprised by money just coming to you in an unusual way? Do you believe that you are deserving of greater prosperity? Do you harbor any resentment towards others who have more money than you? Do you believe that the rich and famous deserve their financial success or have not properly earned it? The truth is we are ALL meant to be abundant and the universe is just waiting to make you abundant too!

As you discover and clarify what your feelings are regarding money, you will recognize the beliefs that are in alignment with what you want to achieve. Your job is to make more of them that are supportive of your goal. See yourself receiving great abundance from the universe. Place your focus on cultivating new beliefs and you will be supporting your goal!

You will attract more money as that new healthy and generous energy expands. Imagine putting your hand in the pocket of an old coat and finding money…has it happened to you? Doesn’t it feel great? Then focus on that feeling and you will be in for an even greater surprise! There is a huge pocket just waiting for your hand…precisely what sum is waiting for you to discover it?

With heartfelt gratitude,



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6 responses to “A Practical Guide To The Law Of Attraction

  1. Thank you for reminding me! Law of Attraction is a wonderful, incredible tool that I use every day. I sometimes forget to pivot away from unwanted thoughts however. Very important!

  2. thanks for such valuable information. I really appreciate it all especially the section “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE ” which proves that optimistic people always win and reach their goals . It is rarely to find a successful man and pessimistic in the same time.
    thanks again

  3. Law of Atraction is the most real thing that every person should be aware of. The Spiritual world is to most people the unknown world when in fact is the fountain from where everything emerges. Everything good or not. I remember using a Vision Board, and is even Biblical at that point. So no problems. My hunch was when regardless of how cool things are to be tasted, the feeling inside was still unmet. At the end, you know what I did? I just read my Bible and found about laws writen for us. Gravity, Atraction are all good. The hunch still on the fact that when the waiting is longer…God is the only one speaking. I do not how to put that in words. Forgive me, my english is bad, my cooking is better. Swear! Here, to a WONDERFUL life with fulfilled dreams to all of us. God’s dreams must be met. Those are real and greater. Love this Post! Thanks very Much!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange. “)

  4. Marcy,
    I am a firm believer in practicing abundance rather than scarcity. Are you aware of any businesses that have had success built on this positive approach with their customers?

    Thanks for a great post. -Bill

  5. Thank you. It was a necessary reminder and came just at the right time (as they always do!)
    It really is a great life and we get to be the creators 😉

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