I’ve always loved puzzles, and as an ‘aware’ adult, I especially love the complexity of an unraveling epiphany.  It appears as one thing and then quickly reveals its inner beauty as each petal unfolds like a flower unfurling its bloom. I’m not sure where or when this one in particular began to develop.  My mind is so blown by the events of the past few days that my 20/20 hindsight is still a bit cloudy.  What I do know, is this:

Friday, June 4th, 2010, I had been practicing my SKYPE prowess in anticipation for an upcoming radio program later that day with a program from Norway.  I had been very excited and was anticipating a great show. Trude and Rolf, hosts of ‘Fantastic Lives, Love Your Life’, were dynamic and when we chatted in preparation for the program, I experienced such a wonderful connection to them.  In fact, I was even a bit forward by suggesting some future collaborative programming.  This was quite out of character for me as we had barely met and even our radio show compatibility was yet to be revealed.

Nonetheless, my Skype practice was flawless and I was confident.  SEVEN minutes before the broadcast, I placed a Skype call to Fantastic Lives. No answer.  Five minutes before broadcast, no answer.  Three minutes before broadcast, finally, Rolf answered and told me that I had the wrong entry and directed me to go through Spirit Quest Radio to access Skype directly through the program link.  I called, and was denied access.  I hung up, called again and was denied access.  Fortunately, they had given me a telephone number for immediate access, so I quickly punched it in.  I got into the program room, but wasn’t able to speak. I used the very same number and dialing process to speak on their show just the week before so I knew that it worked.  I repeated the process and promptings…..denied access.

I hung up the phone and immediately tried the station route again through Google, same as before, only to be unable to connect again.  I could hear some strange noises and awful echoing along with an occasional word or two.  I disconnected once again, retrying through another window.  Same response, so I hung up once again.  I thought perhaps my headphones were the problem so I disconnected them and called through…..and yet I got the same result.

Needless to say, I was getting very frustrated and thinking of poor Trude and Rolf who were waiting for me to join in.  I connected again and suddenly, was able to hear them and speak!  I began to join in their conversation, so happy to have the opportunity, yet, no idea how I actually connected.  Within approximately 3 minutes, the call ended without any forewarning. Dead silence.  Now what was I going to do? I called on the phone, again, no access.  I tried and retried to connect via Skype and was denied.  You would think that I would have been at the end of my fuse, yet, I was actually quite calm (relatively) and I spoke out loud very firmly, “This is unacceptable!” I must speak with Trude and Rolf and it must be right now! “I must broadcast this program right this minute!”

I dialed the phone, and got no access, and while I cradled it in my lap, with nothing but the unopened icons on the screen of my computer, I put on my headphones, extended my right hand, and said to myself (and to my guides who I always bring in for every show), I am holding space for this broadcast to be completed. “I will speak with Rolf and Trude right now!” All of a sudden, I could hear them speaking!  Where was it coming from?  I wasn’t connected to anything!  I unplugged my headphones and could still hear them coming right through my computer!  So I put my headphones back on and…..

I declared that if I could hear them, them they were going to hear me!  I closed my eyes, and projected my voice.  Imagine my surprise when they responded to my question, “Rolf and Trude, can you hear me?  Are you there?”  “Yes” resounded in my ears!  They welcomed me back again and asked me to take up where I had left off before we had been interrupted.

So, I did exactly that, like nothing had ever happened and for the next 40 minutes, I did not move!  I kept the phone cradled in my lap, my hand out, my headphones on! Every time I felt the fear of losing connection with them creeping into my consciousness, I declared that I was holding space for this transmission, vibrationally in LOVE until it was no longer needed!

It was incredible!  Not knowing exactly what was completing the circuit, I didn’t dare hang up the phone or even take a breath!

At the end, after our goodbyes, I lingered before hanging up the phone, savoring this extraordinary moment in time. I finally took off my headphones, said goodbye and offered a huge ‘thank you’ to my guides and guardians for facilitating this transcendental transmission!  As I reviewed all of its segments, I realized how grateful I was also for Trude and Rolf and the incredible high vibration they hold for this planet and how, because of the quality of their frequency, I was able to connect with them there.

What was so incredible was that I realized our discussion was nearly entirely conducted on vibrational frequencies and the necessity of them to be matched with the very thing that I wanted to experience. I’ve always taught that this holds true for physical manifestations of all kinds, even, relationships, money and health, and now I can add……radio programs as well!  Anyway, this was not the conversation we thought we were going to have, but in that high vibration of love that we all held, love was able to love through us and teach exactly what it knew we needed to hear!

After the program, I left my home immediately to attend an event in NYC, but I knew that I had to let Rolf and Trude in on what the universe had created. I spoke with them the next day, of course via Skype which worked perfectly, and was amazed to hear Trude, who is also an intuitive and channel, say that when I came in the second time around, she remembered feeling a surge of energy and then, thinking, “Where is she coming from??”

As I attempt to follow the trail of this energy manifestation, I am awestruck to realize that they (??) have been setting me up for this experience for quite sometime, even with the theme of my own radio program, Manifestation Mondays: Create UR Intentions on BlogTalk Radio. I originally thought that my show would take a different direction, yet week after week, I keep coming back to the concept of this energy grid and how our ability to tap into it is dependent on the vibrational quality of the energy that we are depositing into it.  I realize now that those conversations were geared towards preparing me for this cosmic entry into it as I needed to on Friday the 4th of June. Unknowingly, I had been preparing myself for this event! In addition, just 2 days before, I had been teaching a class on ‘holding the vibrational space for love’.  It is always so incredible to me when I get a glimpse of the workings of this universal intelligence and just how busy it is ALL of the time!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was given me to experience first hand the power of tapping into that grid consciously and to ‘practice what I preach’! In truth, we are tapping into it constantly to fuel our every action, but we are truly empowered when we do so consciously creating.  Tune into my archived shows for more info on that process, and join me for upcoming shows as well as I am sure that this theme is indeed what we will be discussing in further detail and is a powerful source for each of us to create a better earthly experience.

Before I close, there is one more addition I’d like to add to this story. It changed my life forever, and I believe it will do the same for you. I was having dinner with my friend Anne and reiterating my story about the Fantastic Lives show with Trude and Rolf. Anne also is a clear intuitive and when I told her that they are located in Norway, she stopped and said, “There’s something about that name Norway.”  I’ve learned that when Anne says look at this, I look!

I started to roll the name over in my mouth…Nor-way…No-ray…and then it struck me like a lightning bolt:

NO   ‘R’   WAY

Know   our   way!

We had received a direct invitation from the universe to begin to live life differently….to expand our awareness and to realize the truly unlimited potential and possibilities that just lie in wait…waiting for us to tap into them and show us the way! This invitation is for each of us…not for tomorrow….for today…for right here and right now. This grid is real and we are all in this together as we create the energy within its vaults. So, I ask you, what vibration are you depositing and will you join us to create an even higher frequency? Imagine what we can create with a frequency that holds space for only love!! This, my dear friends, is an investment with a guaranteed return of your every heart’s desire and dreams that always come true!

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, open your heart and listen to this recording. Be patient in the beginning as you will hear and feel all of the energy coming into alignment. Its message is for you, about you, and because of you, and it’s all because you are loved and cherished beyond all measure.

With Great Love and Heartfelt Gratitude,



All Rights Reserved 2010

***Images above courtesy of: Portland Hypnotherapy, SPH, Home & Garden Webshots, Perspectives, Gustavus, Wise For Living, Spirit Quest Radio, Fantastic Lives, Love Marche, Natalie Dee, Frizzey Lights, Divine Light Within, Loud Dreams, Manifesting Abundance, Simply Loving Peace, Brip Blap, Telegraph, My Genealogist, Best2Patch, Mike Gothard ***

3 responses to “MANIFESTATION in ACTION: Know ‘R’ Way

  1. Dear Marcy,
    It was truly great having you on our show. When we heard about your amazing connection later on, and how you were able to connect with us the way you did, we are just thrilled about it. And it explained as you said that we felt a shift in energy once you came through, which was enormous.

    We just would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for having met, our spiritual paths have crossed, and we truly look forward to a fruitful cooperation one way or another.

    With deep, caring regards from Norway,
    Trude and Rolf

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