How To Achieve Self Love In 7 Easy Steps

Self Love is the key to success in every aspect of life. It creates the foundation for our every thought, word, deed and of course, it directly affects both our choices and their outcomes.

Make your actions create the reactions you want to experience by cherishing your spirit above all things as well as committing to loving yourself with renewed vigor. Here are a few simple ways to get the ball rolling:

  1. Don’t believe everything you hear! Those little voices you keep hearing that tell you what you should be or who you should be are oftentimes quite wrong!
  2. Remember that you came into this world with a pre-set group of characteristics that make you unique from anyone else.  No one but you knows how they need to be expressed!
  3. Your goal should be to feel good as frequently as possible and to be healthy while doing it because when you fulfill those two criteria, you are your most powerful. You are the only one who truly knows how you are truly feeling.  Pay attention!
  4. Learn what and when you feel at your best and do more of it. This is the key to every level of happiness.
  5. Feed your spirit by surrounding yourself with people who want to feel good too and are seeking out those good feelings in healthy ways.
  6. When your spirit is sending you a message, do your very best to follow its suggestions, even if that is just in small steps.  Respond as best as possible!
  7. Your spirit needs to trust you as much as you need to trust it.  This relationship is the most important relationship you have so treat it with the utmost respect, honor and dedication!

Enjoy your new found blessings! You will find that a whole new world is just waiting for you discover it and that the freedom you experience there will awaken your memory of complete alignment with the very life force energy that fuels you. All is well and all will be well!

Remember, love is all there is!

With heartfelt gratitude,


All Rights Reserved 2010

(Images via: Avoision,, Move Studio, Lilac Glitter, Psyborg75)

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